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John Piper’s Journey To Joy

John Piper’s Journey to Joy

“When God commands you to praise him, he is not an egomaniac. He is love. Because he is calling you to bring your joy to completion — to consummation. God is infinitely enjoyable. Praise is the consummation of that joy. Therefore, God’s command to praise him is a summons to our full and everlasting happiness.” John Piper

John Piper is by far the pastor I recommend most to my friends who are hungry to learn more about God’s character. He is a gifted and humble teacher of the Bible, and doctrinally sound.

In the following sermon, he teaches what he learned over the years about the pursuit of joy, and how he learned the greatest joy is found in glorifying God.

You will be blessed.


Do you prefer the written word? You can read the entire transcript of “How God Made Me Happy in Him” on the Desiring God website.

Joyful in Hope,

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